Frequent questions

Why do you wear a dress of five or six centuries ago and do you parade?

Because we are the descendants of the figures we represent with these dresses, we recall our history… and if someone asks why we do it: to remember our history.

Can everyone parade?

Of course, we recall real past lives and situations. Everyone can parade, of any age, even young children. Young children can’t always parade holding hands with their mothers because gentlewomen did not use to do it. Actually children parade very close to their mothers, with their nannies. What it concerns the beauty, it’s important to know that aesthetic standards were different from today. Being beautiful is feeling like a Madonna of that time. 

What could I do within the Ducal Court?

Many characters are represented like nobles, knights, ladies, musicians, armed men, dancers, actors, etc. We are engaged in the study and in the revisitation of the dances of the period to which we refer to, in the study of the treaties of arms represented through our Renaissance fencing, and in the music that accompanied the life of that time.

How much time does the activity in the Ducal Corte take?

It is a very sustainable commitment. There is an annual renewable enrollment for insurance purposes. It is then required a presence  for 3 or 4 evenings during the year in order to be well preparered for our public events. It is also required a presence for a couple of Sunday mornings for the event called “Omaggio al Duca” (“Tribute to the Duke”) that take piace in the Castle Court. Of course the most important events for us take place during the whole month of May, the parades through Corso Ercole d’Este or Piazza Ariostea.  All these events are nonetheless voluntary, but you will soon realize that they are really a pleasure. All this in a fair and not snobbish ambience… even if we are the “Ducal Court”!

There is something that not allow to parade with the Ducal Court?
No, unless you can difficoulty walk.  And don’t be shy or too modest! We represent the family of the Duke, when Ferrara was an european capital for culture, patronage and good life.  When we wear the dress we don’t show tatoos or piercing, colorful hair, laqued nails or strong make-up.
How can I get in touch with the Ducal Court?
Just send an email to corteducale@gmail.com and we will answer you soon


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